Tips for your arrival at Atocha Train Station

As you may know already Spain offers the largest high-speed rail network in Europe (and the second one in the world after China). The popular high speed train called Ave links already almost all spanish main touristic detinations as Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Seville, Toledo, Zaragoza or Valencia. At the moment this rail network keeps growing and right now it is at the point to link with many other destinations within the whole country during the next few years, as for example Bilbao, Granada or Santiago de Compostela.

The high-speed train is a quick, comfortable and not excessively expensive way to travel around Spain. All Ave trains are fully accessible and the train stations within the high-speed rail are also adapted. We were in Madrid recently and we took the opportunity to visit the premises at Atocha Station (Main train station in Madrid). We have narrowed a short list of tips which you may find useful when arriving or departing from this historic station.

Atocha Accessible

Firstly we must say that we could go to Atocha Station again and again. If you have not visited it before you should know it houses a 4000 square meter botanical garden right where the original station used to be, making it one of the most rare and impressive train stations in the world. If it calls your attention you can check more information here about its history.

The following is what we also found particularly interesting at Atocha:

  • At the second level, right next to the main entrance, it is located the Atendo office. Atendo is a personalized and free service that Renfe provides assisting every less mobile traveller to get around Renfe stations, as well as personal assistance when boarding and getting off the trains. Simply say hi at the office and any team member will assist you with any special requirement you may have. When booking with Renfe you always have the option to let them know you are coming, and there is also a direct line of Atendo support: (0034) 902 109 420.
    Atendo Office Atocha
  • Once at Atocha you can find different exits located at different floors. The main entrance is at a second floor level, and Mendez Alvaro exit which is at the ground level takes you directly to our pick-up point where transfers and taxis are located.adapted-access-atocha-station
  • Also at the ground level you can find Renfe´s Customer Service office, where you can be assisted with special requirements related to your train itinerary and other extra services like local touristic information.customer-services-atocha

Ready to visit Atocha? We definetely consider it a great start point if you are visiting Madrid. Please leave us your comments if you want to share any experience at Atocha.


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    Posted by Jose E. Reyes| November 25, 2016 |Reply

    Mi esposa y yo llegaremos a Madrid el 29 de diciembre procedentes de Nueva York para despues continuar viaje a Valencia con el AVE. Mi esposa necesita los servicios de una silla de ruedas y mi pregujnta es i al llegar a la estacion de Atocha podriamos solicitar dicho servicio para que asi pudieran llevar a mi esposa hasta el nden/coche del AVE.

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      Posted by Accessible Spain Travel| November 26, 2016 |Reply

      Hola! Efectivamente, pueden solicitar ese servicio por medio de Renfe Atendo. Cuando compre su billete a Valencia con el AVE indique en su reserva que requiere asistencia de Atendo. Cuando llegue a Atocha dirijase directamente a la oficina Atendo y allí le darán apoyo con una silla de ruedas y le acompañarán al tren si es necesario. Un saludo y buen viaje!

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