Hotels in Bilbao

Find your perfect accessible hotel in Bilbao, whether you are traveling on a budget, prefer an area with high nightlife, or want to stay close to the important sights. Ensanche is a very prestige area next to the Guggenheim Museum. Besides, this area is very modern and features futuristic architecture and designs. In contrast, in the Old Quater of Bilbao, Casco Viejo you can experience the Basque culture and enjoy the medieval ambiance. The area is also known for its variety of bars, restaurants, and shops, making it one of the best nightlife spots in the city. If you are traveling on a budget either the residential area of Uribarri or the neighborhood of the University, Deusto, is recommended. The city is divided by the river Nervion, yet 9 bridges connect the commercial side and the industrial part of the city. People with sweet tooth love to try the many desserts and pastries that originated in Bilbao, like the Carolina. Our accessible hotels in Bilbao feature services and facilities, like breakfast buffet, bicycle rental, or in-house gastronomy with local specialties. Besides, you can choose between hotels with different levels of accessibility, ensuring the ideal fit for everyone. Needless to say, our wheelchair-accessible hotels are carefully selected, to grant that those elements like support rails, step-free entrances, or ramps are available. You can find more details about the hotel’s accessibility on our product pages below.