Hotels in Cordoba

Find your perfect accessible hotel in Cordoba, right in the center between the old and new town or directly in the historic Jewish Quarter. Cordoba has a history dating back to the Romans and is known for being one of the spots in the past where Muslims, Jewish, and Christians coexisted peacefully. That is why you can not only discover many buildings with historic backgrounds but even detect elements throughout the city of all three religions. The most charming area to stay in is right in the Jewish Quater. Here not only are all important sights are in walking distance but also many tapas places and cafes are located in this area. In contrast, Centro, next to the Jewish Quater, is a more modern area. Here you can enjoy shopping, detect several hidden cafes and enjoy the nightlife to the fullest. Most families choose to stay in Vial Norte, which is approximately 25 minutes by foot away from the Jewish Quater. The quiet area features many parks and botanical gardens, making it perfect for children to play in. Our hotel selection includes ones with services and facilities like outdoor pools, rooftops with a stunning view, a gym, or a local restaurant in-house. You can choose between hotels with different levels of accessibility, ensuring the right fit for everyone. Needless to say, we always carefully evaluate our wheelchair-accessible hotels in Cordoba, ensuring for example hoists at the pool, support rails as well as step-free entrances or ramps throughout the building. You can find more details about the hotel’s accessibility on our product pages below.

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