The challenges of Accessible Tourism in Spain

The headquarters of the Official College of Architects of Madrid (COAM), hosted this past Wednesday September 16th the Conference “Present and Future of Accessible Tourism in Spain” organized by the Spanish Network for Accessible Tourism (Red Estable), an association that brings together more than 100 entities and that acts as a focus for promoting and fostering the Accessible Tourism for everyone in Spain.

Diego Gonzalez, president of the Spanish Network for Accessible Tourism, made a presentation on the challenges of the Accessible Tourism in Spain. During his presentation, Diego Gonzalez pointed out that “the Spanish Network for Accessible Tourism continues to work by and for an Accessible Tourism from the conviction that this tourist area is built from the close collaboration between all the parties involved” the President of the Spanish Network for Accessible Tourism explained that “the correct process and the ultimate goal is the standardization and integration of accessible tourism in the processes of design, promotion, distribution and marketing of tourism products through established channels and in close collaboration with specialized professionals in this area”

The last part of the conference consisted of a round table composed of experts in Accessible Tourism who addressed topics of great importance to ascertain the current status of the Accessible Tourism in Spain. Among other findings, the panelists agreed that Spain is among the countries that has made most progress in the field of accessible tourism, although much work remains to be done.

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