Catalonia´s capital city is saturated with art; the influences of the artists Salvador DalíPablo Picasso, and Joan Miró or architect Antoni Gaudí can be seen nearly everywhere. Even so its port was overlooked for decades, until the 1992 Olympics set off a chain reaction that reinvigorated Barcelona, as for the first time the Olympic and Paralympic Games were held in the same city. Since then the council has kept making efforts to promote accessible travels in Barcelona and to increase the city´s accessibility, making it more welcoming and inclusive for everyone.

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  • Articulated Bed Base for hire in Barcelona
    This articulated bed base is made up of four-plane electric bedsteads, it has 4 positions and 3 joints...
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  • Articulated Bed Base with Lift Truck for hire in Barcelona
    This is an articulated bed base with a lifting truck. It has four planes, three joints, and four...
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  • Mobile Hoist for hire in Barcelona
    This Invacare Birdie Mobile Hoist 180 is designed to make it simple to transfer from bed to wherever and...
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  • Invacare Colibri Mobility Scooter for hire in Barcelona
    The Invacare Colibri is a versatile, compact, lightweight, comfortable, elegant, and easy to use electric scooter that is...
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  • Invacare Leo Mobility Scooter for hire in Barcelona
    The Invacare Leo is a 4-wheel electric scooter thats main feature is safety. It is a compact, easily...
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  • Eagle 620 Mobile Hoist
    The Mobile Hoist Eagle 625 is designed to bring real comfort to the patient during the transfers but...
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  • TECNIMOEM Power Lift UP Standing Hoist for hire in Barcelona
    This Tecnimoem Power Lift UP standing hoist is designed for easy transfer. It is simple to use and contains...
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  • Kittos Country Electric Wheelchair
    KITTOS COUNTRY is a lightweight, folding electric wheelchair made of aluminium with lithium battery and powerful motors.  It...
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