Equipment Hire | Forta Knee Walker

Equipment Hire | Forta Knee Walker


Rent our Forta Knee Walker in Madrid, and enjoy full comfort and flexibility while exploring the city.

Forta Knee Walker has 4 wheels with a durable steel frame and comes with a removable front basket. It includes dual handbrakes on the fists like bicycles for added safety. There is a leg pad with a channel for stability and comfort and a height adjustable seat without the need for tools. The handle height can also be adjusted with ease. The rudder may be readily folded as well for easy storage and transportation. The strong dual frame adds to the stability and durability of the walker. It can be steered for greater manoeuvrability. This is more reliable and comfortable than crutches, and it works on both your knees, so there’s no need to modify it. It can be used both inside and outside.

Material: Steel

Seat: Pad

Handlebar height: 70-96cms (27.5 to 37.79 inches)

Seat height: 45-55cms (17.71 to 21.65 inches)

Overall length: 89cm (35 inches)

Weight: 10kg (22.04 pounds)

Maximum user weight: 136 kg (299.82 pounds)

Brakes: Rear Drum

It can be used for either the left or right leg. The handlebar and knee pad can both be adjusted to a comfortable height for the user. It’s like a bicycle, with the brake on the handlebar. It allows you greater independence than more crutches since you can move freely anywhere. In order to adjust the handlebar height, you simply unscrew the handle and put it back through the hole, the pad contains a safety pin and a clamp, so to adjust this part, you simply release the pin and loosen the clamp.

Its assembly and storage system is very similar to that of bicycles; the first step is to lower the handlebar as much as possible; right at the base of the handlebar is a clamp that must be loosened; to fold it, pull the clamp to the left so that the pin can come out and simply bend it, for the pad you have to remove the pin and loosen the clamp and remove it.


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Equipment Hire | Forta Knee Walker

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