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Accessible Train travel in Spain

Traveling by train in Spain will give you the option to explore so many beautiful cities and villages. Book your wheelchair-adapted train seats tickets with us and enjoy your vacation without any limitations.

The Spanish high-speed train network is the second-largest in the world after China, and the first in the world if considering the distribution of the high-speed rail network by the total country’s population. It already connects all major towns and cities, and it continues its expansion in order complete the connection between all major cities in Spain by 2030.

AVE trains are the fastest trains in Spain operating on a track of over 4000km up to 310 km/h. This large network makes traveling on land convenient and more accessible. You can see on the map below the current high-speed rail network in Spain:

Accessibility at Spain's high-speed Trains

Besides ensuring that trains in Spain are wheelchair-adapted, the national administrator of rail Infrastructure offers several free services to assist you while traveling. This includes lending a wheelchair for transfer through the stations, assistance for getting on and off the trains through an elevator platform, technical aids or accompanying services. Besides, the adapted seats include a wide space for those who need to remain seated in their wheelchairs, this space provides safe tie-downs and they are located next to fully adapted toilets.

High-speed trains in Spain

Assistance Service accompanying a man in wheelchair through Madrid train station


Renfe’s AVE Trains can take you from Madrid to Barcelona in just 2,5 hours, from Madrid to Toledo in 30 minutes, or from Córdoba to Seville in 45 minutes. Moreover, the train network also connects Spain to France (Paris, Lyon, Marseille) using high-speed trains.

AVE trains feature two wheelchair spaces located in Second Class car number 8 (the H-seat), where you can stay seated in your wheelchair. In case you have a folding wheelchair you can also choose to travel in any regular seat. Besides, the staff will always be available during the journey to assist you with any needs. The Station assistance service can be requested at the Assistance Point up to 72 hours or 30 minutes before your journey, depending on the station you depart from.


The Avlo trains are a high-speed low-cost Renfe option for travelers between Barcelona or Valencia and Madrid. There is only a Standard Class available and no Onboard service or café. Avlo trains are fully accessible for passengers with reduced mobility. The trains feature H-seats, where you can travel in your own wheelchair. Furthermore, the entrance to the train’s coaches is floor-leveled. Besides, you can request assistance services upon your journey.


Madrid – Guadalajara – Calatayud – Zaragoza – Lleida – Tarragona – Barcelona

Madrid – Cuenca – Requena-Utiel – Valencia

ALVO high-speed train running through countryside in Spain
Alpha high-speed train running over a bridge


Renfe’s ALVIA trains can run up to 250 km/h and is able to switch between the trails of the high-speed lines and regional lines. Therefore, it creates fast connections to more remote locations in Spain. ALVIA trains offer H-seats, where you can travel in your own wheelchair, as well as adapted toilets with support rails. Besides, you can request assistance services upon your journey.


Alicante – A Coruna/ Gijón

Madrid – Valencia/ Cádiz/ Bilbao/ San Sebastián

Barcelona – Pamplona/ Bilbao/ Irún/ Gijón


OUIGO is the second low-cost high-speed train option in Spain. Hence, it also features solely the Standard class with comparable less leg space than in the AVE. At OUIGO in Spain trains feature wheelchair-adapted seats located in coaches 1 and 9 by the lower florr, without lift access to the Bar area located in the second floor. You can choose to travel in your own wheelchair (H-Seat) or on a fully adapted seat provided. In addition, the seats feature a call button connected to the Service Crew. Besides, the trains have adapted toilets.

Woman helping a man in wheelchair positioning inside the train


Iryo is one of Spain’s very affordable train services and offers a comfortable, quick connections between some of the most important cities. The Iryo experience is just as good as on Renfe, and in a few ways even a bit better and more modern. IRYO trains offer H-seats, where you can travel in your own wheelchair, as well as adapted toilets with support rails. Assistance services can be requested online up to 48 hours before your journey.


Generally speaking, yes you can! However, there are some rules to be aware of:

Maximum dimensions of both: width 700 mm, depth 1,300 mm, and height 1,400 mm (Royal Decree 1544/2007 and R.D. 537/2019)

If you are traveling on a normal seat (not an H-seat) your wheelchair and scooter must be foldable for convenient transport.

These measurements apply to both train providers, Renfe and OUIGO.


Yes, assistance, support, or guide dogs are welcome on board and can travel for free in the Renfe, as well as OUIGO trains. Please make sure to carry the relevant documentation of their duty with you.

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