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Any trip has lots of logistics

Travel Inspiration

I’d love for you to enjoy some of the best experiences I’ve had, like:



A Coruña – Santiago & Galicia Northwest area of Spain; Rías Baixas coastline and villages. Undiscovered places full of history and wild nature
A Coruña historical centre
Santiago de Compostela & The Way of Saint James which I did twice so far




Basque Country

Mallorca & the Balearic Islands

Canary Islands



Castilla La Mancha

Logroño y La Rioja

Salamanca, León at Castilla y León

Family travel & groups

I love seeing families and friends connecting in new ways by travelling together – especially multigenerational travel groups. I enjoy travelling with my children, my parents and my siblings to celebrate special events and milestones in our lives. Consider a family or group trip:

Planned cruises together
Small-group tours, with something for everyone
Renting a car or van and driving yourself
Home-away-from-home stays with kitchens – like cottages and even Spanish castles as Masías

Supporting you on your own itinerary

If you already have a trip and itinerary planned, I can help make it go smoothly with:


  • Hotels, B&Bs, or self-catering stays
  • Car rentals
  • Tours
  • Resorts
  • Rail Journeys
  • Insurance – and helping you navigate the confusing language to make sure you can travel with confidence

Our story

Technically, the first time I travelled was to Galicia, in Spain. It was the month of July of 1982 and I was just born. It was a time when Spain was experiencing a great moment of change and it was said that we were traveling towards modernity. I like to think that I really opened my eyes for the first time on that trip, from the car window, while we saw a sunny view of A Ramallosa. I think this because this part of the world is a place that even today, I cannot describe with words, and with which I feel a connection that I cannot explain.

I have always been fascinated by the idea of how travel connects us and shapes us as people throughout our lives. Traveling in Spain and abroad definetely shaped me and made me see so many realities different than mine. This took me to work in the travel sector for 10 years and that taught me many things and I learned a lot about what is this industry like.

As I took on my first managerial role I began to fully understand the challenges that people with disabilities face when they travel; such as finding accurate accessibility information, the hassles caused by non accessible hotel rooms, or the lack of not having enough accessible transport or the lack of accessible leisure activities. Sometimes I had to face trying to give solutions that were not there yet.

A part of me knew that one of the things I found most important in life, was not fully available for everyone.

This kept me thinking about the problem that existed and made me start finding ways to do something about it. I joined a local association as a volunteer for families, traveling with groups of people with disabilities in Barcelona. That was my first experience to better understand what it is like to live with a disability. This was an eye-opening experience and helped me broaden my interest in accessible travels.

Finally, I accepted the challenge of developing a Travel agency that could specialized in providing a personalized solution, which I carried out with the vision of my brother Pablo Zunzunegui, who had previous entrepreneurship experience in the travel industry. Together we developed the foundations of what is today Accessible Spain Travel.

Carrying out the creation of the company has been a retro-transformer in my life and has meant a great step for me in different aspects. Facilitating my efforts for others so that all people, regardless of their accessibility needs, can get to know the best of my country, is a truly enriching experience. Traveling has meant a lot to me in my life and I feel somehow that, helping you do it, its also a fullfilling experience that I also cannot describe.

Accessible Spain Travel´s mission is to help everyone discover the best of our country, enjoy the most magical places, finding a solution always, and partnering with suppliers who put their attitude in the front, to make everyone exprience the most amazing things that Spain has to offer.