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About Us

We are Spain´s experts travel planners for travellers with accessibility needs.

We would like to welcome you to Accessible Spain Travel, the specialist of accessible holidays in Spain, offering unique independent experiences that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of any physical limitation, disability or age. Whether anyone has physical, sensory or cognitive challenges, has problems taking stairs or standing for long periods of time, suffers from bad knees, uses a walking-assistance apparatus, is recovering from a physical injury or is a permanent wheelchair user, we strive to create the most exciting and accessible experiences tailored to every individual or group.

At Accessible Spain Travel we provide everything that a traveller with accessibility needs might need during a trip to Spain: accessible hotel accommodation, accessible transportation, accessible city tours, adapted vehicle hire, accessible train tickets, accessible restaurants, accessible shopping, accessible daily itineraries, travel insurance, and more. We partner with a wide range of exceptional suppliers in order to design all the experiences that you can see on our portfolio, and we audit them in order to ensure that they are barrier free and meet sufficient access needs.

The combination of local expertise and the accessibility knowledge provided by Accessible Spain Travel will ensure that you have the accessible holidays in Spain you are looking for. We hope that you enjoy perusing through our destinations and services, and we very much look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful country of Spain!


Accessible Spain Travel seeks to provide every traveler with the very best accessible Spanish vacation experiences.

Our inspiration stems from a keen passion for our country combined with the firm belief that any disability should not restrict today’s traveller in enjoying the same experiences as their able bodied companions. AST exists to accompany any traveler with accessibility needs to plan their trip to Spain, so that everyone can access the most fantastic of our cultural, historical and natural heritage.

We seek to accomplish this mission in 3 ways:


  • Provide reviews and information about the accessibility of products and services, so that any traveler with accessibility needs can know what to expect
  • Ensure that every element of the holiday journey is successfully addressed
  • Create the most exciting and accessible experiences possible for all of our customers


Any trip has lots of logistics: transportation, accommodations, and finding unique experiences beyond the tourist traps. At Accessible Spain Travel we help you navigate the process by first getting to know you and understand your needs.

We like to know what you would like to see and do – and then we figure out how to fit that into your budget. With your itinerary in place, we book it for you so you can travel with peace of mind and concentrate on getting the most from the enriching experiences that travel provides.

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Tell us about your dream trip to Spain. We will send you a personalized itinerary based on your preferences, and we will work with you to refine it until you’re happy.