About us

We’re AST – Accessible Spain Travel, the specialist of accessible holidays in Spain. Keep reading to learn more.


We would like to welcome you to AST, your specialized travel agency that provides you unique independent trips to Spain adapted to any physical limitation, disability or age

Whether anyone has physical, sensory or cognitive challenges, has problems taking stairs or standing for long periods of time, suffers from bad knees, uses a walking-assistance apparatus, is recovering from a physical injury or is a permanent wheelchair user, at AST we strive to create the most exciting and accessible experiences for every individual or group.


Our mission is to make Spain an accessible and inclusive destination for all people. We want anyone, regardless of having accessibility needs, to be able to experience the best that our country has to offer.

Our way of doing this is by providing a personalized advisory service that guarantees you travel safely and comfortably, while having a memorable experience. That is why we have created AST, we are a network of professionals involved in making Spain a welcoming and inclusive place for everyone.


AST’s values are based on a strong belief in people, hospitality and the great possibilities that travel brings to our lifes.

We believe that everyone must be able to travel under equal conditions. All of us who collaborate at AST vindicate the values of hospitality and service without barriers.

And we value the importance of creating true connections, as we believe that traveling is a magical time in life to connect. We wish you to connect with Spain, and take a piece of our country with you forever.

Participants enjoying the tour with our tour guides


Professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. That is what you can expect from AST Travel Advisors. We have extensive, firsthand knowledge of all Spain destinations, and we have a commitment to designing Spain vacations delightful for all.

Sonia Jiménez

Senior Travel Consultant

Janelle Norman

Senior Travel Consultant

Daniel Zunzunegui

Managing Director
Senior Travel Consultant


Any trip has lots of logistics: transportation, accommodations, and finding unique experiences beyond the tourist traps. At AST we help you navigate the process by first getting to know you and understand your needs.

We like to know what you would like to see and do – and then we figure out how to fit that into your budget. With your itinerary in place, we book it for you so you can travel with peace of mind and concentrate on getting the most from the enriching experiences that travel provides.


Get expert advice

Avoid information overload. Get advice to find great experiences you might not think of.


Save time & efforts

Centralize all the communication, arrangements and bookings in 1 person that does it for you and helps you face to face all the way.


Travel with confidence

We know the travel industry for a long while and we only deal with the more inclusive and more trusted suppliers.


Have a guaranteed plan b

Have a local contact always availabe to assist you when needed while you are traveling.


The cost of using us is generally not perceptible, and often, we don’t charge you at all. Much of our profit comes from commissions that we establish with our suppliers. The rate you will pay for Hotels for example, when booking through us it will be lower than you can find online booking yourself, thanks to our partnerships.
This policy is aligned with our purpose of offering the most competitive prices in line with their cost. The fact of offering accessible travel services and products is the biggest reason for us when it comes to offering the best price available.
We do charge a service fee or mark up with certain services, in order to cover the reservation and coordination of tours, transfers or rentals. This service fee helps us to be sustainable and offer you a personalized service and advice, same as also new routes and services every year.
We also provide you a breakdown of your costs so you can have a clear idea of how much you are paying for each service. Please address this questions every time you need more information and we will assist you personally.

We provide a Flexible cancellation policy, so you can still get great part of any payment back:


  • 10% fee if cancelling at any point after the coordination of the services booked
  • 25% fee if cancelling within 30 days prior the scheduled day of arrival 
  • 50% fee if cancelling within 5 days prior the scheduled day of arrival 
  • 75% fee if cancelling less than 24 hrs prior the scheduled day of arrival

Would you like us to get in touch with you?

Tell us about your dream trip to Spain. We will send you a personalized itinerary based on your preferences, and we will work with you to refine it until you’re happy.