Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela, declared by the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the capital city of Galicia and one of the most important places in Catholicism because of its reputation to be the place where St. James, one of the twelve Apostles of Christ, is buried. Santiago de Compostela was conquered by the Visigothic king of Asturias in 754, about 60 years before the identification of remains as those of Saint James the Great, and their acceptance as such by the Pope and Charlemagne, during the reign of Alfonso II of Asturias.

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  • Bed and Terrace on a clear day of the Adapted Double Room
    This modern 3 Star Hotel in Santiago de Compostela is located right in the city center, with the famous Santiago Cathedral, the final goal...
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  • Inside Parador de Santiago on the Historical Tour of Santiago de Compostela
    Enjoy a beautiful tour of Santiago de Compostela, home to the most venerated shrine in all of Europe...
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