General Terms & Conditions

The general conditions described below regulate the contractual relations between “Accessible Spain Travel” with CIF B67309500 and address in C/ del Dr. Trueta, 113, 08005 Barcelona; And the “Customer” of the service, in all matters relating to the provision of travel reservation services. The acceptance of these General Conditions is indispensable for the provision of the Service by Accessible Spain Travel. The client declares that he has read, understood and accepted these General Conditions, made available to him at all times prior booking, on the following website: The use of the service, also entails the acceptance by the client of all notices, regulations of use and instructions made known to him by Accessible Spain Travel subsequent to the acceptance of these General Conditions.


Accessible Spain Travel provides personal assistance booking accessible travel services in Spain for people with reduced mobility and their companions. Accessible Spain Travel offers, through its website, several guided tour, accommodation and transport services. A catalog of the services offered by Accessible Spain Travel is collected on the web. In this web you will be able to consult the different tours available, characteristics, as well as the itineraries, duration, and average price of each tour, sames as with Accommodation and Transport services.


Prior to the provision of the service the participant must have made the reservation and payment in advance of the service that he wishes to make. In most cases, a guarantee payment is required to confirm the booking. In order for this reservation to be valid, the contractor must pay the full amount or the guarantee prepayment of the service that he wishes to make. We will proceed to the sending to your mailbox of email, the data of your reservation and corresponding confirmation if it has occurred. We are at your disposal by email at the address, so that we can assist you with everything that is needed. You should check your e-mail and be reachable on the telephone that you have provided (which must be correct) up to a maximum of 48 hours after the reservation, as our Customer Service would contact you in case of any Doubt or problem with your reservation.


All reservations require a credit card in perfect validity to formalize the reservation, the card provided, the amount agreed and known by both parties, will be charged. The amount of the pre-payment to book a service will be the guarantee or the total amount of the tour.


The presentation of each service in our web indicates the average price of the service and what is included and what is not. These inclusions and exclusions are confirmed by email corresponde through our Customer Service.


The participant in the contract, must be of age (18 years). At the same time, he declares that he is solely responsible for and exempts Accessible Spain Travel from any accident and / or incident that is commented upon during the celebration of the tour.


The company reserves the right to consider the canceled reservation and not to hold the reservation in those cases in which bad climatology prevents the celebration of the tour. In case of no celebration, Accessible Spain Travel will inform the client of the next dates of the same tour, as well as possible alternative tours. In case the participant is not interested in any other tour, the full value of the tour will be refunded.

Accessible Spain Travel will not be responsible or responsive for the inconveniences suffered by the participant due to the variations of the itinerary, if the excursions or the routes are modified before or during the program. In those cases where it is impossible to continue the trip, the participants of the tour will return to the point of origin. In these cases the participant will be reimbursed the proportional part of the tour not celebrated. We provide detailed information about the complexity of the Tour and our Customer Support is available at all times when someone having doubts about being able to follow an itinerary. Each participant is the responsible for undertaking the Tour or booking any other service, based on their opinion towards being the right service for the Customer.


Once Accessible Spain Travel confirms the conclusion of the route, the contractor will receive a confirmation message at his e-mail address. Cancellation and refund policy: Each supplier decides on the cancellation policy applied, and this is informed to the Customer when contracting the services. Given the impossibility of carrying out the tour by the participant, the participant may transfer his place to a third party. This third party must have the necessary requirements to participate in the tour, minimum age, and at the same time that will have to sign the same contract.


Accessible Spain Travel has an insurance policy that covers the transfer at home in case of death, coverage in case of accident, fire or theft as well as liability insurance. Scooter insurance does not cover the following items: damage to the scooter due to collision, theft, acts of vandalism, theft of personal belongings, death or damage to the user.


Accessible Spain Travel has the Civil liability insurance and Cancellation insurance complying with Spanish Law for Travel Agenies, covering any damages caused to a third party as indicated on the Civil Liability law, and cancellation cost for cases on which the Customer has to cancel due to medical reasons.
Accessible Spain Travel is exempt from any type of liability against collisions or accidents, in addition to damages caused as a result of them, and the participant is responsible for its safety, both individually and collectively. Therefore, during a Tour, Accessible Spain Travel is not responsible for any type of incident during the route.

Besides the standard Civil liability insurance, Accessible Spai Travel S.L. counts with a Civil Liability PLUS conditions.
This policy not only includes the coverage required by law and the special guarantees for Travel agencies, but also adds two coverages designed to protect travel agencies in cases of supplier insolvency:

Supplier bankruptcy guarantee. If any of the providers cease operations and the agency’s clients are harmed, the insurance will guarantee the reimbursement of the services not enjoyed, as well as transportation and accommodation expenses.

Emergency plan. In the event of supplier insolvency, both the insured agency and its affected clients may benefit from the services of professionals specialized in tourism in the areas of communication, risks, legal assistance and customer service.


In relation to the processing of the personal data of the users, Accessible Spain Travel guarantees the compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on Protection of Personal Data. This law is intended to guarantee and protect, as regards the processing of personal data. Accessible Spain Travel reserves the right to modify its data protection policy at any time, in order to adapt it to the legislative developments that occur, and thus comply with them.