Our site https://www.accessiblespaintravel.com/ has a high degree of compliance of the accessibility guidelines and we are about to comply with WCAG Level AA – Strong accessibility standards (March 2023), once the modifications we are making are finished, located in the footer (Better labeled form and button with enough contrast) and reviewing the structure of header tags. This is also putting us on the path to comply with AAA level that we are in process to analize and put in place before 2023 ends.

These improvements will include the following, in order to make Accessible Spain Travel web content accessible for users in a wider variety of contexts:

  • Non-text content (images and videos) having a text equivalent.
  • Content accessible using a keyboard only.
  • Forms including labels or instructions, so you know what’s expected.
  • Assistive technologies, such as screen readers, having the right access to content.
  • Information or instructions not being conveyed through shape, size or colour alone.
  • Text and background using accessible colour contrast.
  • Content being organised under clear headings, using a logical order.

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