Accessible Surfing Experience in Fuerteventura


The coast in Fuerteventura offers great conditions for surfing all year long. That is to say, this activity is organized where conditions are mild and therefore perfect for beginners. Our accessible surfing in Fuerteventura gives everyone access to surfing, regardless of any motor, sensory or cognitive challenge.

Of course, specially adapted surfing equipment is available. Besides, you will learn from a professional surf trainer who pays attention to everyone’s needs. Enjoy the waves of the ocean and keep this unique experience in memory!

Fuerteventura has over 150km of beach that, along with its volcanic landscape, made it earn the honor of UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve status in 2009. The island is one of the most popular places in Europe for surfing. It has various surfing spots for beginers as well as professionals. The beach we will use for surfing has accessible walkways, amphibious chairs, adapted bathrooms, and flat umbrella areas.

Highlights of the Accessible Surfing in Fuerteventura experience:

  • Learn to surf with a professional surfing instructor
  • Experience a tailored surf course adapted to your needs
  • Flexible schedules

Sports experience:

  • All adaptive surf equipment
  • Tailored surf course

All adaptive surf equipment:

  • Tailored surf course
  • Accessible accommodation next to the beach (3-5 days stay)
  • Tailored surf courses every day
  • Transport to the beach

This activity is monitored at every moment by professionals and has assistance and liability insurances. The personnel is fully trained and all the activities are performed within the perimeter of an enclosed area and subject to the restrictions of sea security and sporting activities range.

  • Prices:

Private classes:(1 by 1 classes) 130€/day

1 day of classes: 50€/person

3 days of classes: 135€/person

5 days of classes: 200€/person

Personalized price: Adapted to your needs


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