Equipment Hire | Quickie Rumba Electric Wheelchair

Equipment Hire | Quickie Rumba Electric Wheelchair


Rent our Quickie Rumba electric wheelchair in Cordoba. It is a very versatile folding electric wheelchair, with which you can move around comfortably. Its tubular structure gives it great resistance and robustness, and thanks to the possibility of removing the backrest and batteries, a truly compact fold is achieved. The backrest is easily removable. The batteries are housed in two boxes, to make them more comfortable to handle, and the structure folds to occupy the minimum space, and thus be able to transport it easily.

In addition, the anti-rolls fold when they hit an obstacle, so the length of the chair is reduced by 5 cm. This is especially useful for getting into elevators. The Quickie Rumba electric wheelchair also allows various adjustments to be made to suit the preferences of each user. The seat structure is available in 2 sizes with the possibility of increasing the width up to 54 cm thanks to the option of adjusting the width of the armrests. The backrest is height adjustable in 3 positions. And also at an angle between 0º and 30º to obtain the most suitable position for the comfort and stability of the user. Tilt of the seat 3º and armrests adjustable in height and width as standard.

Height: 107 cm
Width: 58 cm
Seat width: 42/48 cm
Weight: 75 Kg
Resistance: 125 Kg
Autonomy: 25 km
Maximum speed: 6 km/h
Battery: 50 Ah gel batteries
Maximum slope: 10º
Electronics: VR2 remote control for up to 2 electrical options and lights and indicators (optional)


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Equipment Hire | Quickie Rumba Electric Wheelchair

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