Equipment Hire | Haydn Articulated Bed with Elevation

Equipment Hire | Haydn Articulated Bed with Elevation


Rent this Haydn Articulated Bed with elevation in Fuerteventura for your vacation. This is an electric articulated bed with four wheels and brakes. It is complete with lift truck. It has folding railings, a headboard and footboard, a memory foam mattress, and a kickstand.

For vertical elevation, it has 2 possible functions incorporated, in the headboard and footboard, which allow the elevation of the bed from 40cm to 80cm (without taking into account the height of the mattress). The bed base is articulated both at the back and at the feet, such as the elevation of the forklift.

Bed base width: 90 cm
Bed base length: 200 cm
Overall width: 105 cm
Overall length: 214 cm
Maximum User Weight: 135 Kg


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Equipment Hire | Haydn Articulated Bed with Elevation

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