Equipment Hire | Sunlift Micro Mobile Hoist

Equipment Hire | Sunlift Micro Mobile Hoist


Rent our Sunlift Micro Mobile Hoist in Fuerteventura, designed for the support and facility for easier transfers whether you’re moving from your bed to a chair, bathroom shower, or wheelchair.

This is a compact and easy-to-handle hoist, it includes a harness. The Sunlift Micro lift is designed with reduced dimensions, making it easy to manage in hotel rooms while providing maximum comfort and safety.

Maximum lifting weight: 130 Kg
Lifting capacity up to 1,483 mm
Minimum hanger height 460 mm
Overall width: 870 mm legs open, 545 mm legs closed
Total length: 1,110mm max, 1,130mm min
Total height: 1,725 ​​mm (hanger height 1,483 mm)
Minimum height: 1,130 mm (hanger height 460 mm)
Front wheels: 75mm
Rear wheels: 100mm


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Equipment Hire | Sunlift Micro Mobile Hoist

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