Equipment Hire | Martinika Electric Wheelchair

Equipment Hire | Martinika Electric Wheelchair


The Martinika is a electric wheelchair made of aluminium and lithium batteries. It has solid wheels and a joystick that can be turned to the right or left. It has silent motors and has a high-quality, durable seat and backrest that is removable and washable. It is foldable and has a document bag under the seat. The Martinika electric wheelchair is very light and versatile. As a result, it is ideal for small spaces, and you will have no trouble using lifts or passing through doors. There is also the possibility of installing a passenger control. Ideal for transport by car, train or plane. The autonomy of the chair will be determined by the weight and location of travel.

The Martinika is the ideal electric chair, due to its modern, compact, ergonomic and robust design. Thanks to the easy disconnection of its motor, it can be propelled perfectly as if it were a manual wheelchair. The motor is free without applying any type of resistance, which allows the companion to push the chair without any added effort.

Height: 89.5 cm
Width: 59 cm
Seat width: 42 cm
Weight: 23.9 Kg
Resistance: 100 Kg
Autonomy: 20-25 km
Maximum speed: 6 km/h
Battery: 18 Ah Lithium
Engine Power: 2 x 180W

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Equipment Hire | Martinika Electric Wheelchair

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