Equipment Hire | Sunlift Mini Mobile Hoist

Equipment Hire | Sunlift Mini Mobile Hoist


The Sunlift Mini Mobile Hoist was designed for the support and facility for easier transfers whether you’re moving from your bed to a chair, bathroom shower, or wheelchair. The Sunlift Mini Hoist is wheeled in order to help make simpler to move from place to place. This is a compact and easy-to-handle hoist, it includes a harness that allows you to move easily from bed to chair and vice versa. The Sunlift Mini seated lift is designed with reduced dimensions, making it easy to manage for caregivers while providing maximum comfort for you. Its reduced dimensions make this hoist the ideal companion in daily tasks for transfers.

Overall Width: 940 mm legs open, 540 mm legs closed
Length: 1,130mm max, 1,065mm min
Total Height: 1.870mm
Minimum Height: 1.280mm
Ground clearance: 20mm
Supported weight: 130kg
Front wheels: 75mm
Rear wheels: 100mm
Material: Steel


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Equipment Hire | Sunlift Mini Mobile Hoist

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