Equipment Hire | Articulated Bed Base

Equipment Hire | Articulated Bed Base


This articulated bed base is made up of four-plane electric bedsteads (the backrest is raised straight up and the knees are bent at the back). This allows you to raise the head and feet area independently together.  The bed has four positions and three joints that allows you to personalise your comfort at all times. There is also the option of fitting fixed or adjustable legs, as well as handrails, a headboard, a footboard, trapezes, or door holders for your convenience.  In addition to being comfortable, you can regulate the firmness of the lumbar area with its tensors and double slat as well.

This bed is intended to fulfil your movement needs while also delivering maximum comfort.

Vaporised beech slats covered with 53×8 mm melamine paper
Double slat with tensors in the lumbar area
Fixing plugs for fixed polyethylene slats
External frame structure in 50×20 mm steel tube, internal 40×20 mm.
Rounded corners with ferrules.
Coating: epoxy-polyester paint.
Safety anti-entrapment distance of 30 mm between joints and outer frame.
Supports for mixer and dripper.
Electric drive with compact 4,000+4,000N motor.
It has a battery to return to 0 of all positions in case of power failure.
Wired control, activates all movements.
Maximum user support: 135 kg (297.6 Ibs)
Mattress holder: Metal arch on the feet and 4 plastic pieces (2 on each side).
Bed measurements: 90×196 cm (35.4 x 77.1 in.)
External measurements: 90 x194 cm (35.4 x 76.3 in.)
Height with fixed legs: 40 cm (15.7 in.)
Height with adjustable feet: From 40 to 60 cm (15.7 to 23.6 in.) , every 5 cm (every 1.9 in.)

Video with demonstration:


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Equipment Hire | Articulated Bed Base

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