Equipment Hire | Tecnimoem Power Lift UP Standing Hoist

Equipment Hire | Tecnimoem Power Lift UP Standing Hoist


This standing hoist is designed to lift, transfer, or lower you. It features an ergonomic design to assure comfort and convenience, and all of its components are made to provide safety, functionality, and a practical and reliable handling. The knee support can be tilted to ensure the best support for the knees. This lift is simple to use and compact in size, making it manoeuvrable and easy to store – A total width of 56.5 cm and a length of 92 cm provide better control of the lift. These measures are ideal for small spaces since they provide practicality when moving and assure the comfort of both you and the person assisting you. Another feature is that they are adjustable and can be adapted to three different positions. This model also features a powerful engine that can sustain a maximum load of 160 kilos, and the raw material used in its manufacture is highly resistant.

It also has a steel frame with epoxy coating, making it more durable. The mast has been designed and manufactured to keep liquids out of the lift’s interior, extending its life and making it safe to hold heavy loads. It also incorporates a cable and magnet control for simple operation. It has a control system that includes an emergency stop button that may be pressed from the control box. It contains various tools for greater safety, such as an LCD screen with a battery indicator and a luminous sound alert for better level, as well as the ability to consult the number of charges made via the USB connection.

Manufacturer: Tecnimoem
Code: Power Lift UP 2
Total Width: 56.5cm (22.2 in)
Total Length: 92cm (36.2 in)
Maximum User Weight: 160kg (352.7 Ibs)
Minimum Sling Bar Height: 102cm (40.1 in)
Maximum SlingBar Height: 138cm (54.3 in)
Lift Type: Nappy Changing, StandingShift
Manufacturer: TECNIMOEM

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Equipment Hire | Tecnimoem Power Lift UP Standing Hoist

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