Equipment Hire | Mobile Hoist Eagle 625

Equipment Hire | Mobile Hoist Eagle 625


The mobile hoist patient lifter assists in shifting people from bed to the wheelchair, or other places. In order to fit each customer type, two mobile hoist models are available for rental in Barcelona: The Eagle 620 model and the Eagle 625 model.

The Mobile Hoist Eagle 625 has a Linak HB7X engine feeding on a battery with an autonomy of approximately 45 lifts. Besides, it has a fast and easy folding system, effortlessly without any tool thanks to the wing screws and its axis with fast disassembling. Moreover, the low height of the base allows it to slide under most beds on the market.

Vermeiren designed this patientlift with specific attention to functionality, safety and reliability. Quality wheels of 100 mm ensure that this patient lift works on almost any underground. In addition, the rented mobile hoist ensures easy transport and storage. Perfect stability is always ensured when you want to adjust the space between the two legs of the base by means of a very simple system of pedals.

I sum the key qualities of our available mobile hoist rental in Barcelona are:

  • Quality wheels of 100 mm make lifting patients on any underground possible
  • Foldable model for easy storage
  • Available as model 620 (users weight 150 kg)
  • Available as model 625 (users weight 175 kg)
  • Optional slings are available in different sizes

You can find more details on the usage of the mobile hoist here. If you need more information about mobile equipment hire in Spain, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Eagle 625

Total height

184 cm

Total length

129 cm

Total width (closed)

68 cm

Total width (opened)

122,5 cm

Height arm

from 65 to 173cm

Users weight

175 kg

Total weight

42 kg

Guarantee of quality.

Regarding quality, the Patientlift complies with the highest norms, laid down by certified test institutes in most European countries.


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Equipment Hire | Mobile Hoist Eagle 625

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