Equipment Hire | Invacare Orion Mobility Scooter

Equipment Hire | Invacare Orion Mobility Scooter


The Invacare Orion is a 4-wheel electric scooter designed for those who value their independence and autonomy. Its anatomical handlebar is adjusted in angle by means of a lever, providing perfect adaptability to the user. Its ergonomic position allows the driver to position himself correctly, relieving the limbs as much as possible
superior even on long journeys. Also, it incorporates an automatic system for limiting speed in curves, which acts by reducing speed to avoid risks and gain safety.

It is ideal for everyday activities such as going shopping at a mall or exploring the city and it does so effortlessly! Its ergonomic handlebar, angle-adjustable steering column, and padded seat guarantee a relaxing and comfortable ride.

  • Maximum speed: 10 km/h
  • Autonomy: 40KM-52Km
  • Total Scooter Weight: 110KG-160Kg
  • Maximum User Weight: 140 KG-136Kg
  • Length: 129CM-132cm
  • Width: 51CM -62cm
  • Batteries: 40 AH-75AH
  • Light-Flashers: Yes


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Equipment Hire | Invacare Orion Mobility Scooter

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