Equipment Hire | Sunrise Medical Breezy 250 Manual Wheelchair

Equipment Hire | Sunrise Medical Breezy 250 Manual Wheelchair


You can rent a Sunrise Medical Breezy 250 Manual Wheelchair in Seville, and enjoy full comfort and flexibility while exploring the city.

This is a self-propelled manual wheelchair made of steel with a split backrest and brakes for both the person sitting and the person pushing, to make driving easier. The Breezy 250 model is a folding wheelchair with a strong, thick steel tube frame. It is of great quality and resistance, since it also has a tubular crosshead without screws or anchors, which provides it with extraordinary stability. It presents a unique design by which the distance between the front and rear wheels can be modified, thus allowing a more rearward position of the front wheels that reduces the dimensions of the chair. Its removable footrests allow the total length of the Breezy 250 wheelchair to be only 76.5 cm when removed. This is very useful when we need to access very small spaces with a wheelchair, such as a community elevator.

Seat size (width): 37, 40, 43, 46, 49 or 52 cm
Seat depth: 42cm
Seat angle: 3rd
Seat height: 50.5cm
Backrest height: 44.5 cm (82 cm with headrest)
Overall width: Seat width + 19 cm (24” wheels) or seat width + 16.5 cm (12” wheels)
Total length: 103 cm (24” wheels) / 95 cm (12” wheels)
Total height: 94 cm (128 cm in reclining model with headrest)
Folded width: 31cm
Material: Steel
Rear wheels: To choose between 24”, 22” or 12” (pneumatic or solid)
Front wheels: 8” (solid)
Backrest recline: From 0 to 60o with reclining backrest
Overall weight: From 16.5 kg (standard configuration, size 37)
Maximum user weight: 125kg


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Equipment Hire | Sunrise Medical Breezy 250 Manual Wheelchair

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