Equipment Hire | Invacare Stream Electric Wheelchair

Equipment Hire | Invacare Stream Electric Wheelchair


Rent our Invacare Stream electric wheelchair in Seville. It has been designed with criteria in mind: reliability, simplicity and comfort. The Stream electric chair is an ideal model both indoors due to its compact size, and outdoors, thanks to its large wheels and its integrated light kit for more safety. In addition, it offers multiple adjustments (seat and backrest angle, width and height adjustable armrests, tension-adjustable backrest upholstery) to be able to adapt to the user’s needs. The Invacare Stream electric chair has a practical and functional design. Equipped with 60 Ah batteries, it has a range of about 25 km, thanks to its large wheels (9″ front wheels and 14″ rear wheels), which guarantee optimal movement results.

LiNX smart technology is another notable feature of the Stream electronic wheelchair. LiNX electronics allow professionals to quickly and intuitively configure and customize power wheelchairs. In addition, LiNX technology also enables real-time, wireless programming and maintenance updates. Furthermore, you have direct access to relevant information on the electronic wheelchair, such as statistics and diagnostics.

Maximum speed: 6 / 9 km/h
Autonomy: 25 km
Total Chair Weight: 105 KG
Maximum User Weight: 130 KG
Length: 10.3CM
Width: 63CM
Batteries: 50AH / 60AH


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Equipment Hire | Invacare Stream Electric Wheelchair

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