Accessible blokart land sailing in Binissalem

Accessible blokart land sailing in Binissalem


We offer you this accessible blokart experience in Mallorca, a new sport that is breaking barriers internationally and it is so easy to handle that it makes your fun unimaginable. The activity is carried out at the Binissalem airfield, an outdoor area, where you will enjoy a team sport, in the natural environment, where the individual is totally independent, so the grade of personal satisfaction is very high.

Socially known as sailing on land, it is a inclusive sport that develops on land by handling a tricycle equipped with a sail that is responsible for giving speed as well as a two-way handlebar that allows maneuvering. In case of not having superior mobility the staff make the necessary adjustments to be able to enjoy the activity in safe conditions. A shadow can be added to the blokart that allows you to do it in tandem with one of the monitors or companions.

This accessible blokart experience in Mallorca is carried out in collaboration with the Balearic Association of Blokart in the center of the island. The activity is divided into a theoretical part where the basic concepts of its operation are given, and a practical part, where the person will progressively learn the management of the blade, visualize or feel the direction of the wind and take the wheel to control the direction.

  • Liability insurance
  • Accompanying guide during the day
  • Blokart
  • Helmet, gloves, technical aids
  • Specialized monitors
  • It lasts 1.5 hours
  • Individual practice duration: 20/30 min.
  • Weight per person 120 kg
  • Aimed at people with psychic, sensory and physical disabilities

This activity is only available in the following periods:

  • From January to April. Thursdays from 11:00h. to 15:00h.
  • From May to October. Thursdays from 17:00h. to 19:30h.
  • November & December. Thursdays from 11:00h. to 15:00h.


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Accessible blokart land sailing in Binissalem

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