Adaptive Diving experience in Mallorca: Snorkeling & Diving Baptism

Adaptive Diving experience in Mallorca: Snorkeling & Diving Baptism


Enjoy this Adaptive Diving experience in Mallorca, an ideal sport for people with disabilities, that allows maximum integration since barriers disappear allowing great freedom of movement that cannot be done on land.

This experience is open to all people, regardless of their disability, it will be necessary to present a medical certificate to be able to dive. You will be accompanied by an instructor and support monitor necessary to enhance the activity. They will at all times be aware of your enjoyment and safety. For members that do not have control, we regulate their movement in the water through weight.

You will try Diving Baptism, a initiation to adapted diving in shallow waters with the accompaniment of a diving instructor. Enjoy your skills under the sea, learn the use of an oxygen bottle, discover your movements and sensations. All under the safety and comfort of the Mediterranean Sea. Also, you will try Snorkeling, that is dive without tank that allows you to see the wonderful marine life of the Mediterranean from shallow waters.

Current architectural barriers are easily drawn with the help of our monitors. The beaches are accessible and / or we make the “hippocampus chairs” available to make the introduction to the water. This adaptive diving experience in Mallorca is a unique adventure. Thanks to weightlessness, sounds, perceptions received under water are unimaginable. You will enjoy it.

  • Support zodiac
  • Equipment needed for the activity: bottle, oxygen, neoprene, weights
  • Grip gloves if you need them
  • Support monitors
  • Liability insurance


  • May & June. Available every day of the week upon request
  • September & October. Available every day of the week upon request

For baptisms a medical certificate is essential that indicates that there is no problem to carry out the activity.

Aimed at people with physical, mental or sensory disabilities, or spinal cord injury T7 or lower.


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Adaptive Diving experience in Mallorca: Snorkeling & Diving Baptism

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