Accessible Boat Trip to San Simón Island from Vigo

Accessible Boat Trip to San Simón Island from Vigo


Get ready for a beautiful boat trip to San Simón Island from Vigo. This island is part of the San Simón archipelago in Spain’s Vigo estuary. Located in the interior of the estuary, San Simón Island is a 2000 Natura site with thriving biodiversity.

Additionally, the island served as inspiration for famous Author Jule Verne’s Novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. In fact, you can see a statue of character Captain Nemo himself in the middle of the Vigo estuary!

You will leave the port in a small motor boat accompanied by an official guide of Galicia. On the boat ride, you will be captivated by the Scandinavian beauty of the views of the Vigo estuary. Here, serene waters intertwine with lush green landscapes, creating a stunning view. Additionally, you will be taken on a short tour to learn about the battle of Rande fought in these waters; the Battle of Rande in 1702 was a significant naval confrontation during the War of the Spanish Succession near Galicia, Spain. This is an opportunity to hear about this pivotal battle from an expert.

Once you arrive on San Simón Island, you will learn about the important history. This island was originally inhabited by Templar monks, and it served as a lazaretto for contagious diseases of the time.  Nowadays, it is a space for culture and memory. From traditional music festivals celebrating Galician folk traditions to art exhibitions showcasing local talent, the island offers a platform for artists, musicians, and performers to share their craft with visitors from near and far.

It’s time to enjoy a wonderful boat trip to San Simón Island from Vigo.

  • Private Tour with an official local tour guide
  •  A round-trip boat ride
  • A drink
  •  Civil liability and accident insurance

Our itineraries are a selection of those most interesting parts that avoid steps, pronounced hills, and cobblestones, following a mostly flat path along the tour, and we tailor each tour to each group’s preferences and specific accessibility needs.

This tour includes private accessible transport which is available for reaching most of the locations described on the itinerary; therefore, walking parts can be also shortened.

  • Starting time: Flexible
  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • Boat Capacity: 12 people
  • Departing Site: Náutico de Vigo but you can be picked up at a different port


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Accessible Boat Trip to San Simón Island from Vigo

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