Mussel and Fishing Boat Tour in the Vigo Estuary

Mussel and Fishing Boat Tour in the Vigo Estuary


During this mussel and fishing boat tour in the Vigo estuary, you will witness an inside scoop behind the process of mollusk cultivation. From the hatchling until the commercialization of mollusk, an expert will uncover all you need to know about this rich process.

You will ride on a “bateeiro”, a boat that was dedicated to the cultivation of mussels. This traditional, perfectly restored boat was built in Astaleiros Triñanesone, one of the most emblematic shipyards of Galicia. The engine, one of the last few in Galicia, is a relic that still works as if it was created yesterday.

In the estuary of Vigo, you will find a lively fishing scene. This estuary has a rich biodiversity, abundant marine life, and a longstanding tradition of fishing passed down through generations. Aboard this mussel boat, you will learn about the different fishing gear used today in inshore fishing. Specifically, you will be able to see gears tailored for specific fishing seasons; for example, the trammel net is used to fish during cuttlefish season while pots are used during octopus and crab season.  Or maybe you’re more interested in learning about the small boats, called gliders, from where the clam is extracted. Regardless, the tour guide will fill you in on all the complexities related to fishing in the bustling estuary.

The space on board is very spacious and fully accessible; wheelchairs can easily access the boat and there is a bathroom available.

This tour is ideal for families, friends, and companies that are looking to explore the wonders of the sea. Come experience a one-of-a-kind mussel and fishing boat tour in the Vigo Estuary!

  • Guide
  • A round-trip boat ride
  • A drink
  • An appetizer
  • Civil liability and accident insurance

Our itineraries are a selection of those most interesting parts that avoid steps, pronounced hills, and cobblestones, following a mostly flat path along the tour, and we tailor each tour to each group’s preferences and specific accessibility needs.

This tour includes private accessible transport which is available for reaching most of the locations described on the itinerary.

  • Starting time: 12:00
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Departing Site: Náutico de Vigo, Vigo


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Mussel and Fishing Boat Tour in the Vigo Estuary

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