Madrid Black History Tour

Madrid Black History Tour


Uncover the rich tapestry of Black history woven into the very fabric of Madrid on this captivating two-hour tour. Go beyond the usual tourist trail and explore the city through a fresh lens, uncovering the lasting impact of slavery on Madrid’s landmarks and hidden gems. Your guide, Kwame Ondo, brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to this unique experience. In fact, he was recently featured in El Pais for his insightful tours that resonate deeply with American visitors engaged with the Black Lives Matter Movement.

This tour isn’t just about the past; it’s about celebrating the present. Tailored to your cultural and personal interests, Kwame will weave a narrative that reveals the vibrant presence of Black communities in Madrid. From their existence long before Christopher Columbus’s arrival to their thriving contributions today,  Kwame will highlight lesser-known Black narratives.

Witness resilience in the face of adversity, celebrate triumphs that shaped the city’s identity, and discover a rich cultural heritage that continues to influence Madrid. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how Black communities helped shape the city you see today.

This isn’t your average history tour – it’s a transformative experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to delve into a lesser-known chapter of Madrid’s story. Book your spot on this one-of-a-kind Black history tour.

  • Tour Guide
  • 2 Hour Tour

Our itineraries are a selection of those most interesting parts that avoid steps, pronounced hills, and cobblestones, following a mostly flat path along the tour, and we tailor each tour to each group’s preferences and specific accessibility needs.

This tour includes private accessible transport which is available for reaching most of the locations described on the itinerary.

  • Starting time: Flexible
  • Duration: 2 Hours


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Madrid Black History Tour

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