Traditional Flamenco Show in Madrid at Corral de la Moreria

Traditional Flamenco Show in Madrid at Corral de la Moreria


Madrid offers a lot of activities and cultures to explore. One of them is a traditional flamenco show. Through our fully accessible visit to the flamenco show Corral de la Moreria in Madrid, you can experience one of the best dance performances in the world.

The key to the success of Corral de la Morería is to take care of its artistic offer to the maximum. Since its opening in 1956, they are constantly seeking the best flamenco artists. Moreover, only the best music artist in Spain accompany the dancers. This is why, you cannot find another show so vividly, closely, and directly in the world. Besides, the show is changing every week, ensuring a unique experience for every visit.

Therefore, the show was featured in the famous travel book and New Your Times best-seller ‘1000 Places to See Before You Die’. Furthermore, the International Cante de las Minas Flamenco Festival recognized this show as the world’s best flamenco tablao.

Highlights of the Accessible Flamenco Show in Madrid:

  • Discover the history and culture of flamenco in the city center of Madrid
  • Experience the thrilling atmosphere of a traditional flamenco show at Corral de la Moreria
  • Enjoy drinks and an add on a local meal at the tablao’s restaurant
  • Flamenco show ticket

The tablao offers a show designed for both the most demanding amateur and those who want to know this art at the highest level.


Friday and Saturday

  • Dinner: Dinners are served at 18.00, 18.30 and 19.00 or at 21.45
  • Show: There is a show at 20.00 or at 22.55


Monday, Thursday and Sunday

  • Dinner: Dinners are served at 17.30, 18.00 and 18.30 or at 21.10
  • Show: There is a show at 19.30 or at 21.30



  • Dinner: There are a variety of Menus from 55,90€, Custom Memus where you can choose a variety of food upon your election or even a selection of Tapas Menús upon your election.
  • Show: 47,95€


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Traditional Flamenco Show in Madrid at Corral de la Moreria

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