Equipment Hire | Albatros Standing Hoist

Equipment Hire | Albatros Standing Hoist


Rent our Albatros Standing Hoist for your vacation. The Albatros Standing Hoist is used to secure yourself while transferring you from a seated position to standing. It is a compact and easy-to-use sit-stand lift. It includes a harness that allows you to move easily from bed to chair or bathroom and vice versa. It has a compact standing lift with a lifting system, wheels with brakes, and a non-slip footplate and is fully foldable for transport and storage.

Overall width: 58.4cm (22.992 in)
Length: 105cm
Supported weight: 150kg (330.7 Ibs)
Arm height: 104 -173 cm (40.9 – 68.1 in)
Base height: 12cm (4.7 in)
Leg opening: 58.4 – 94.5 cm (22.992 – 37.2 in)
Battery: Removable.
Emergency button: Yes. Red

The legs open manually; simply step on the pedal directly behind to open and on the opposite side to close.

The battery is easily removed. The red emergency button is located just beneath the battery. If this button is pressed, the crane does not work or charge; it must be turned off in order to work.

The battery must be charged frequently, ideally at night when the lift will not be used; however, if the lift is needed, it must be unplugged and used before being reconnected. As a precautionary measure, the lift does not operate when it is plugged in for charging.

This lift allows you to stand up and take yourself to the toilet to relieve yourself; it can also be used to change diapers or move from one room to another.

In order to use this lift, you have to control the trunk, since the harness is placed under the arms, in the armpits, and is adjusted under the chest.

The legs are secured by a knee brace and Velcro straps so they don’t move or slip while the lift is in use. The brakes always have to be activated if we are raising or lowering the person.

Standing crane video:


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Equipment Hire | Albatros Standing Hoist

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