Equipment Hire | Self-propelled Manual Wheelchair

Equipment Hire | Self-propelled Manual Wheelchair


You can rent our Self-propelled Manual Wheelchair in Madrid, and enjoy full comfort and flexibility while exploring the city.

This is a self-propelled manual wheelchair made of aluminium with a split backrest and brakes for both the person sitting and the person pushing, to make driving easier. This wheelchair provides autonomy while also including handles on the back that allow a companion to comfortably push the chair, even in sloping terrain surfaces. It is easily foldable due to the split backrest and has a weight of 13-16kg. It takes up very little space when fully folded, so it can be transported even in cars with smaller trunks. The footrests and armrests of this wheelchair are also easily foldable and removable, allowing for easier storage.

User Weight                                                             Chair Size                                                            Total Width

40-60 kg (88.18 – 132.3 lb)                                   Size 40-41                                                     60-61 cm(23.62- 24 in.)

60-75 kg(132.3 – 165.3 lb)                                     Size 44-46                                                    64-66 cm(25- 25.98 in.)

75-100kg(165- 220 lb)                                             Size 48                                                        68-70 cm(26.771- 27.5 in.)

100 kg or more(220.5 lb)                                        Size 51 (special)                                         71-73 cm (27.95-28.74 in.)

The self-propelled wheelchair is simply that the user who sits can move on their own without any assistance. It has some aluminium rings next to the wheels that allow it to move.

For the user’s safety, the brakes must always be activated when he sits or stands up.

The rear wheels can be removed by means of a button in the centre of the wheel, both to remove it and to put it on the button has to be pressed, and the brake has to be released. Make sure they are well placed so they do not move.

To fold the chair you have to pull the seat fabric upwards.


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Equipment Hire | Self-propelled Manual Wheelchair

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