Equipment Hire | Replacement Leg I-Walk 2.0

Equipment Hire | Replacement Leg I-Walk 2.0


You can rent our Replacement Leg I-Walk in Madrid, and enjoy full comfort and flexibility while exploring the city.

Replacement Leg I-Walk 2.0 is a crutch that is a carefully engineered multiple award winning medical mobility device that will end your pain and inconvenience of conventional crutches. They are to be strapped around the leg. I-Walk crutches are simple to learn and easy to use, painless, and provide unparalleled mobility. I-Walk crutches are also well-cushioned so you’re comfortable, and you use the same upper leg muscles that you normally would, so there’s no unusual strain on any body part like there is with standard crutches. Moreover, its’ unique design allows to carry out every day tasks with more confidence and with less risk of further injury.

Material: Aluminum
Seat: Plastic
Total height: 85-93cms (33.46 – 36.61 inches)
Seat-floor height: 77-85cms (30 to 33.46 inches)
Weight: 3kg (6.614 pounds)
Maximum user weight: 125kg (275.6 pounds)

The I-Walk is a crutch that can be used perfectly with one hand. However, it is recommended that you carry a support in the opposite hand, such as a crutch or a cane, while you are learning to walk.

Both the leg and the handle can be modified in height; the leg has a clip similar to crutches, and you simply loosen the screw to adjust the height; for the handle, you simply tighten the two clips at the same time and set it at a comfortable height.

The straps that hold the leg and thigh are adjustable, as well as the frame where the thigh is placed, which can be opened more or closed by means of roulette wheels to put it to the measure.

Please check stability before use. If you have any disability or physical condition that may affect your balance, it is recommended not to use it.


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Equipment Hire | Replacement Leg I-Walk 2.0

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