Equipment Hire | Mobility Scooter Libercar Lithium

Equipment Hire | Mobility Scooter Libercar Lithium


Get around Madrid easily and conveniently by renting our mobility scooter. The small dimensions and maneuverability of the scooter Liberacar Lithium ensure total mobility, be it on the streets of Madrid, museums, or stores.

The key features of the mobility scooter are:

  • 180W Motor – 20Ah Lithium Batteries
  • Max speed. 6km/h – Autonomy max. 25km

Besides through the stand-up system the mobility scooter allows access to small areas like elevators. Moreover, it ensures easy and space-saving storage at home or in your hotel in Madrid (occupying 50cm wide x 50cm deep). Arriving at a scenic spot you can make use of the swivel seat turn, all around 360°, and admire the view.

The scooter has a reduced self-discharge rate and reports no memory effect problems.

Additionally, the Mobility Scooter Libercar Lithium is one of the lightest detachable scooters on the market, with a total weight of 38 kg. Therefore, it is effortless to hive the mobility scooter in a car and take part in tours in and around Madrid. You can check out the mobility scooter we offer to rent in action here.

Comparison of battery options for renting a mobility scooter in Madrid:

Batery types

Lithium 20Ah

Gel/AGM 12Ah

Gel/AGM 20Ah

Box weight Batteries




Maximum autonomy




Monthly discharge




Scooter length 101-96-92 cm

Lithium batteries 20 Ah

Scooter width 50 cm

Motor 180 W

Total weight 36 kg

Maximum speed 6 km/h

Weight batteries 4 kg

Autonomy 25km max.

Seat weight 6.5 kg

Swivel seat 360º

Front weight 12 kg

Handlebar bar

Back weight 13 kg

Diameter wheels 19 cm

Height adjustable seat

Type of solid covers

Folding seat back

Metallic blue color

Base width seat 44 cm

No mirrors

Base depth seat 40 cm

Slide basket

No headrest

Seat slide bag

Armrest adjustable in width

Front bumper

No adjustable armrest angle

Backpart bumper

Seat belt

LED front lights

No front damping

Reflective taillights

No Rear damping

No turn signals

Parts in which it is dismantled 5

Anti-roll wheels

Clutch release lever

Direction column regulator

  • Compact dimensions: Length: 101cm 96cm (detachable bumper) 92cm (optional cut-out)
  • Intelligent brake system
  • Basket door objects
  • “Stand up” system
  • 360º Swivel seat
  • Armrest folding
  • Armrest adjustable in width lever release
  • Seat adjustable in height
  • Anti-roll Wheels
  • Bumpers
  • Alloy wheels
  • Easily detachable in 5 parts (1 minute)
  • Ease of load (Heavier piece: 13 kg)
  • Effortless disassembly – No tools


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Equipment Hire | Mobility Scooter Libercar Lithium

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