Equipment Hire | Libercar Urban Scooter

Equipment Hire | Libercar Urban Scooter


Rent our Libercar Urban scooter in Madrid, and enjoy full comfort and flexibility while exploring the city.

The Libercar Urban scooter is a vehicle that comes with a height-adjustable seat, a folding backrest, and adjustable armrests. It disassembles in three parts and has a 360º swivel seat. It includes an object holder basket, rear-view mirrors, a USB port and solid wheels. This vehicle is compact in size but provides excellent stability and performance. Its autonomy is sufficient to ensure long rides, making it ideal for use in parks or on paths. Its large wheels are designed to maximise grip and overcome small obstacles such as stones or tree branches, making it ideal for use in the countryside. Furthermore, its adjustable shock absorbers ensure a smooth and quiet ride. The Libercar Urban Scooter is ideal if you prefer the manoeuvrability of a compact scooter but without sacrificing the highest performance.

Length – 111 cm (43.7 in)
Width- 58 cm (22.8 in)
Seat width- 42×45 cm (16.5 x 17.7 in)
Weight- 54 Kg (119 Ibs)
Resistance: 120 kg (264.6 Ibs)
Range- 25 km
Maximum speed- 8 km/h
Maximum slope- 21%.
Battery- 2×24 Ah Lead
Motor- 250 W

Video with Libercar Urban Scooter:


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Equipment Hire | Libercar Urban Scooter

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