Equipment Hire | Walking Cane with Seat

Equipment Hire | Walking Cane with Seat


You can rent our Walking Cane with Seat in Madrid, and enjoy full comfort and flexibility while exploring the city.

This walking cane comes with a folding seat. It has an aluminium support cane with a resistant PVC seat that adjusts in height from 85 to 93 centimetres (33.46 to 36.61 inches), allowing you to sit comfortably during walks. The cane and the seat are one product, with two holes in the upper section that serve as cane handles. The pole is also made of aluminium, which is a lightweight and durable material that can support up to 125 kg of weight. The heel of the cane is made up of non-slip rubber to avoid falls or slips. The height of the cane can be modified from 85 to 93 centimetres, adapting to your desire. It is also made of resistant PVC and opens butterfly style when in use.

This cane is ideal for you if you can balance safely, sharing the weight between the seat and the feet. Moreover, with a very practical folding system, you can also raise or lower the seat according to your needs – whether you only need the cane or prefer to sit.

Security warnings:

– Never unfold and use the seat cane on soft ground, cracked pavement or uneven ground. It is recommended to only be used on flat surfaces.

– Check stability before sitting down.

– If you have any disability or physical condition that may affect your balance, it is recommended not to use it.

Material: Aluminum
Seat: Plastic
Total height: 85-93cms(33.46 – 36.61 inches)
Seat-floor height: 77-85cms (30 to 33.46 inches)
Weight: 0.600kg (1.323 pounds)
Maximum user weight: 125kg (275.6 pounds)

This cane can be adjusted in height, at the end of the cane there are some buttons that by pressing both at the same time and pulling up it can be raised or by pulling down it can be lowered.

To be able to use the seat you have to pull push down, following the arrows, a small plastic support and move the seat, and to close it you have to do the same.

To be able to sit you have to make a tripod with the cane and the legs, so that the cane is not totally straight but with a slight inclination so that it is more like and has greater stability.

Demonstration of cane video with seat :


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Equipment Hire | Walking Cane with Seat

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