Equipment Hire | Hop Lift Hoist

Equipment Hire | Hop Lift Hoist


Rent our Hop Lift Hoist for your vacation. The Hop Lift Hoist is similar to the SDN Lifting Hoist. It is designed for transferring or moving anyone with limited motor skills. This is a lightweight, compact, and easy-to-handle hoist that comes in two parts. It includes a harness that allows you for easy transfer moving from bed to chair or bathroom and vice versa. Its arm facilitates it to pick you up from the ground. Its pedal-operated leg opening system allows for easy access to the wheelchair or armchair. It has rechargeable batteries with great autonomy and an emergency stop system. It provides safety for both yourself and the caregiver.

Overall Width: 56cm (22.04 in)
Length: 101cm (39.7 in)
Supported weight: 150kg (330.7 Ibs)
Arm height: 39-157 cm (15.3 – 61.8 in)
Base height: 10cm (3.9 in)
Leg opening: 56-76 cm (22.04 – 29.9 in)
Emergency button.: Yes. Red

This Hoist model, like the SDN lifting Hoist, has the market’s largest leg opening.

The legs open manually; simply step on the pedal directly behind to open and on the other side to close.

The battery is easily removed. The red emergency button is located just beneath the battery. If this button is pressed, the hoist does not work or charge; it must be turned off in order to work.

The battery must be charged on a regular basis, ideally at night when the lift will not be used; however, if the lift is needed, it must be unplugged and used before being reconnected. As a precautionary measure, the lift does not operate when it is plugged in for charging.

This crane allows anyone to be picked up from the ground in the event that they have fallen.

The only difference between this crane and the SDN crane is the folding/unmounting method.


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Equipment Hire | Hop Lift Hoist

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