Equipment Hire | Carbon Crutches

Equipment Hire | Carbon Crutches


You can rent our Carbon Crutches in Madrid, and enjoy full comfort and flexibility while exploring the city.

These carbon crutches are made of high quality aluminium and have a non-slip rubber base. They are lightweight, safe, and provide good balance and stability. They have a rope on the forearm and a padded elbow pad. They provide a soft, cushioned non-slip grip that allows pressure to be distributed in different points of the palm of the hand for greater comfort and safety. They also allow you to adjust the desired length thanks to 14 adjustments in 25 mm intervals, allowing to safely obtain the optimum height. Furthermore, its design allows both crutches to be joined together to facilitate transport or actions such as stair climbing with maximum comfort. They have a padded handle that absorbs shock and prevents the hand from slipping.

Cuff height: 70.5 to 99.5 cm (27.75 to 39.17 inches)
Height interval: 14 positions
Width: 57cm (22.4 inches)
Weight: 480kg (1058 pounds)
Resistance: 130 Kg (286.6 pounds)
Arm support height: 22.5 cm (8.85 inches)
Fist: Soft rubber

It is a very light and comfortable crutch. Height adjustable very easily by means of a clamp with insurance.

The fist is made of soft rubber so that the support of the hands is safe and comfortable for when you use them for a long time.

These crutches can be supported or hung thanks to their format. They can also support each other to keep them standing, at the bottom of the armrest there is a small hook or device that allows you to put one cane on top of the other on one side so that you can climb the stairs and not think about where to leave the other crutch and being able to use the handrail.

(There is an image with an explanation in the product gallery )


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Equipment Hire | Carbon Crutches

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