Equipment Hire | Non-self-propelled Manual Wheelchair

Equipment Hire | Non-self-propelled Manual Wheelchair


Rent a non-self-propelled manual wheelchair in Madrid . This non-self-propelled manual wheelchair is made of aluminium and has small but solid wheels. It comes with an object holder bag on the backrest and brakes on the wheels. Its great utility is defined by its ability to move in narrow or small spaces. It has folding armrests as well as folding and adjustable footrests and a chair weight of 13-16kg.

User Weight                                                             Chair Size                                                            Total Width

40-60 kg (88.18 – 132.3 lb)                                   Size 40-41                                              52-55 cm(20.4- 21.65 in)

60-75 kg(132.3 – 165.3 lb)                                     Size 44-46                                                 56-60 cm(22-23.62)

75-100kg(165- 220 lb)                                             Size 48                                                      60-63cm (23.62- 24.80)

100 kg or more(220.5 lb)                                        Size 51 (special)                                      63-65 cm (24.80- 25.59)

The non-self-propelled wheelchair is that the user cannot move by himself but someone has to push him.

For the user’s safety, the brakes must always be activated when he sits or stands up.

To fold the chair you have to pull the seat fabric upwards.


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Equipment Hire | Non-self-propelled Manual Wheelchair

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