Equipment Hire | Forta Hybrid Walker 2 in 1

Equipment Hire | Forta Hybrid Walker 2 in 1


Rent our Frota Hybrid Walker in Madrid, and enjoy full comfort and flexibility while exploring the city.

Forta Hybrid 2 in 1 Walker is a folding walker with 4 wheels and is made of aluminium. This walker has a footrest and swivel front wheels and is dimmable. It has a padded back-rest with a comfortable height-adjustable handlebar mesh seat with a soft comfortable hand grip. Parking brakes are included for safety, which are simple to use and may be locked on to slow down the rollator. It also includes a basket for holding objects. This walker can easily be converted to a transport wheelchair mainly by simply flipping the backrest over and attaching the footrest to the front. When operating the hybrid in transit wheel mode, the sturdy backrest simply swivels from front to back. When in walker mode, the footrest can be swung around the sides and hooked into place or stowed inside the bag. It’s simple to assemble and doesn’t require any tools.

Height: 85 to 100 cm (33.46 to to 39.37 inches)
Overall length: 96cm (37.795 inches)
Width: 60cm (23.62 inches)
Folded width: 26 cm (10.2 inches)
Weight: 12kg (26.45 pounds)
Resistance: 130 Kg (286.6 pounds)
Length without footrest: 70 cm (27.5 inches)
Seat measurements: 45×32 cm (17.71 to 12.59 inches)

This walker can be transformed into a wheelchair in less than 20 seconds by simply turning the backseat over and snapping the footrests into position. This walker has brakes on the fists; you have to simply squeeze them to brake while walking; in case you want to stop entirely, just pull down on the brakes and produce the “click” sound to ensure that it stops.

You have done well, now you may relax.

To adjust the height of the handles, just remove the screws on the sides and place them at the desired height. To fold it, simply pull the ribbon in the middle of the seat upwards till it closes like a book. The footrests must be removed outwards by pulling the tab and removing it from the holes; to reinstall them is exactly the same, but this time put it from the outside inwards until the “click” is heard.


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Equipment Hire | Forta Hybrid Walker 2 in 1

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