Equipment Hire | Articulated Bed

Equipment Hire | Articulated Bed


Rent our Articulated Bed for your vacation in Spain. This is an electric articulated bed with four wheels and brakes. It is complete with lift truck. It has folding railings, a headboard and footboard, a memory foam mattress, and a kickstand. This bed is designed to meet your movement needs while providing maximum comfort.

Overall Width: 1m
Overall length: 2m
Electrical functions: 3 (head, knees and feet)
Height: 34 to 84 cm 13.3 to 33.07 in)
Weight: 70kg (154.3 Ibs)
Maximum user weight: (170 kg 374.8 Ibs)

This articulated bed has a built-in headboard, footboard and two rails, along with the mattress and the lifting trolley.

It is ideal for those who spend a lot of time in bed because they can sit up or have their legs raised. If the person is bedridden and must do the cleaning, the lift truck can be used to facilitate the assistant or the person who helps.

The mattress is viscose so that wrinkles do not form when articulating the bed or the person lying down is uncomfortable.

An anti-decubitus air mattress can be placed on it.

Controlling the bed is very easy, everything is done by command, both raising the bed in height and articulating the head, knees and feet.


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Equipment Hire | Articulated Bed

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