Equipment Hire | Forta Kanguro F1 Walker

Equipment Hire | Forta Kanguro F1 Walker


You can rent our Forta Kanguro F1 Walker in Madrid, and enjoy full comfort and flexibility while exploring the city.

The Forta Kanguro F1 Walker is a folding walker with 4 wheels and a storage basket. It is made of aluminum and thermoplastics, it has swivel front wheels, a padded seat, and a backrest for easy use. The handles are height-adjustable and have a soft rubber finish that makes them easy to grip. It’s identical to the Kanguro HD, but instead of pressure brakes, it features handle brakes. It’s an outdoor walker and with a width of about 57 cm, it’s great for maneuvering through crowded areas and small spaces.

Tall: 85 to 96cm (33.46 to 37.79 inches)
Length: 64.5cm (25.39 inches)
Width: 57cm (22.4 inches)
Weight: 5.22kg (11.5 pounds)
Endurance: 130kg (286.60 pounds)
Inner width: 42.5cm (16.73 inches)
Seat measurements: 40x26cm (15.74 to 10.2 inches)

This walker has a handbrake, which means that to stop it, you must push the brake, just like on a bicycle, until the walker brakes completely, depending on the brake, you have to fully lower the brake until you hear a “click”. ” or press the brake and put the red tabs in the slot.  The full brake enables you to sit comfortably without having to worry about the walker going away. To adjust the cuffs’ height, just remove the clip near the handle and position it at hip height.

To fold the rollator, simply lift the back of the seat and fold it. The seat is the safety of the walker, when the seat is to be used, it must be properly set on the bar to prevent it from folding when encountering any bumps or unevenness in the ground.


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Equipment Hire | Forta Kanguro F1 Walker

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